Logo usage

The Vermeer logo family

The Vermeer logo – our company emblem – is the paramount visual representation of our premium brand. It is the primary visual identifier intended to be used globally and must always be highly visible and never altered in any way.

The Vermeer logo family is comprised of four different logos and four graphic components:

  1. The Vermeer name wordmark, often referred to as the “Kabel.” This mark is where it all began. It is the consistent connection to our heritage and foundation. 
  2. The green portion of the logo represents the organic elements of our business – forage, tree care, rental, landscape, recycling and forestry.
  3. A white swoosh, connecting the top and bottom of the V, represents our consistent and continuous progress and growth.
  4. The black portion of the Vermeer logo represents the underground or ground-engaged portion of our business – utility, pipeline and surface mining.
When using the different logos, pay careful attention to when the ® is applied. The Kabel and the V are both registered trademarks, but when either lockup is used, the ® is positioned next to the Kabel.

Our tagline

The primary way to communicate our promise is the company tagline, Equipped to Do More.® This tagline was developed to help our customers and prospects easily identify who Vermeer is and what promise we are making through our brand. It is meant to concisely communicate the key attributes or qualities of our brand.

Using the tagline in copy

Proper and judicial use of the tagline in conjunction with the Vermeer logo emphasizes our promise to our customers and remind them that they are Equipped to Do More with Vermeer.

  • Use the tagline sparingly in copy and speeches when emphasizing the brand promise through storytelling.
  • Always keep the phrase Equipped to Do More intact as a unit. Do not add words or descriptions to the tagline for any reason.
  • Include the registered trademark symbol after the first reference of the tagline on a page.
  • When in text, use bold font to denote the tagline. The period after “More” can be excluded when using the tagline in the middle of a sentence.
  • When using the tagline as a focal point in design outside of the approved tagline signature lockups, pre-approval from the Vermeer marketing team is required. 
  • Equipped to Do More formally replaces any former internal or external taglines, which may include “Supporting customers worldwide with better solutions.” or “In search of a better way…” or dealer-specific taglines.

Logo usage guidelines


Vermeer provides both black and white versions of logos for use. Be cognizant of the background color and use either black over a light background or white over a dark background.

Logo variations

The Vermeer logo family is available in bevel, flat and one-color variations. Each is best suited for specific applications as outlined below.

Protection zone

When using any of the Vermeer logos or tagline, always maintain the appropriate amount of clear space so they can sit uncluttered by other graphic elements. Protection zones must be respected in all applications and include elements such as: document copy, other logos and page edges.

The diagrams illustrate how to calculate the appropriate protection zone for each logo. The blue overlay elements illustrate how much clear space a logo requires. The gray box indicates the final protection zone for a particular logo.

Minimum size

The logo and tagline should never be so small that legibility is compromised. The Kabel and the stacked tagline should never be reproduced for print applications smaller than .75 in (1.9 cm) wide. The tagline signature should never be reproduced in print smaller than 1.5 in (3.8 cm) wide.

What not to do

Proper use of the Vermeer logo and tagline is important to maintain a consistent brand image. Use the guidelines below as examples of what not do to when using the Vermeer logo assets. 

Vermeer dealers, please refer to compliance requirements related to Vermeer logo usage on the dealer portal.

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