Company Culture

Do More At Work, In Life, For Others

At Vermeer, our company culture offers a clear message about who we are and what we stand for. It’s how we market the unique culture that’s been created to consistently raise awareness of what it means to be a Vermeer team member. A strong message helps to attract, engage and retain team members while communicating people’s attitude and perception of Vermeer as a place to work.

Our company culture is consistent with our values. It explains why team members work for Vermeer, even when they might have other options. We’re a team that puts each other first, demonstrates what true agility looks like and delivers what our customers need.

Vermeer is rooted in our 4P Philosophy – Principles, People, Product and Profit – and these are the core values that drive our culture, determine how we treat others and steer our business.

Vermeer values its people above all else. From team members working together to customers looking to get their important work done, we’ve built a company culture around the great things our people do each day.

The following content can be used to guide communications by Vermeer team members in order to uphold our company culture across all conversations, presentations and more.

At work: equipped to do great work so others can do great work

Founded in the philosophy that emphasizes the Golden Rule, at Vermeer we treat others – team members, dealers, customers and everyone in between – the way we want to be treated. We roll up our sleeves and take pride in the important work our team, dealers and customers do every day. And when the going gets tough, we’ve got your back – because delivering our brand promise, better than yesterday, drives future success. We are steadfast in our commitment to safety, as well as finding, training and developing a workforce built for the future. Vermeer has never been one to sit on the sidelines of progress – we deliver strong equipment with smart features. Our influence is real and felt around the world. Vermeer machines are made to equip our customers to do more across a diverse group of important markets. The equipment we design, build and support helps make our world go. And our people are doing the same thing – moving their communities, industries and causes forward.  

Inside Vermeer

  • Respect: We can’t make you feel what it’s like to work at Vermeer, but we can tell you this. We believe what we do matters, but how we do it is just as important. We respect and care about each other. We take on the challenge to find a better way today than we did yesterday. We keep our eye on the prize – equipping our customers to get their important work done. And we do all this in a way that respects the resources we have.
  • History of success: We are proud of our company, our equipment and our team members. We have worked for more than 75 years to grow into a market share leader in diverse products that make an impact around the world. This strong, family-owned and -operated past defines our thoughtful planning for future growth and opportunities. 
  • Organization size: We are the sweet spot. We’re big enough to invest in technology, tools, training and facility improvements that keep us ahead of the competition. We’re small enough for individuals to stand out for their accomplishments and be mentored by a consistent leadership presence. Grow where you want – up, down or across the organization, your next career opportunity is right here at Vermeer. Team members are not just a number at Vermeer; you are able to learn, master and be appreciated for your craft. 
  • Customer focus: We take pride in our work, because our work means our customers are doing important work – feeding and fueling their communities, managing natural resources and connecting others to the necessities of life. By listening and collaborating with our customers, we find solutions that equip them better than ever before as they get their important work done. 
  • Continuous improvement: Our 25-year continuous improvement journey pushes us to never stop pursuing the design and build of better machines. With productivity and safety in mind, we operate as a business partner, making our customers efficient and proud to partner with us. 
  • Innovation: Our spirit of innovation runs deep – beginning with our very first days. Innovation comes from our desire to help customers get the most out of every day for years to come. Fueled by customer feedback, opportunities on jobsites and the desire to take on new challenges, today’s innovation is still inspired by our founder’s simple perspective, “Find a need. Fill that need. And simply build the best.” 

our dealer network

As the face of the Vermeer brand, our dealers extend Vermeer across a network found throughout the nation and around the world. With a passion to serve and the expertise to do it, Vermeer dealers provide local support and experience to every Vermeer customer in every corner of the world doing more every day.

vermeer customers

With yellow iron in hand, our partners in progress take on jobs in fields and ranches, mines and forests, cities and streets. We make high-quality machines built to deliver longterm value by reliably performing in tough working environments. This is how Vermeer equipment helps make a real impact on the productivity of our customers.

In life: equipped to work through life

Life is vibrant. We all have wins and losses and ups and downs. We get it. Because you’re at Vermeer, we want to equip you to do more in all aspects of life, and help you better manage the bumps along the way. 

A caring culture is formed one moment at a time. And at Vermeer, the way we do the moments that matter is based on our 4P Philosophy. We strive to treat others the way we want to be treated. From business to wellness resources, caring support is foundational to who we are and part of day-to-day operations. Because that’s real life. So, in all your real-life moments, have confidence there’s a whole system of support behind you.  


  • Physical health: Our onsite clinic, pharmacy and health coaches located within The Center in Pella help you address health concerns, maintain your goals and provide care on the days you or your family aren’t feeling well. Feeling fine isn’t enough, we want you to feel your best. Onsite classes and coaches help you strive to be better than you were before. A trail connecting our Pella campus provides an easy way to get active – walk, jog or bike on your next break or on the way to your next meeting.
  • Emotional and mental health: Sometimes we all need a little extra help. Talk about it. Onsite chaplains and health coaches are dedicated to listening, supporting and connecting you to the right resources at the right time – day or night, 24/7.
  • Financial health: Financial coaches, versatile 401(k) options, retirement planning and more give you the freedom to make your money work for you.
  • Family fun: As a family-owned and -operated company, we know family comes first. Family activities and experiences are often shared and encouraged with Vermeer team members.
  • Paid time off (PTO): Everyone needs downtime. PTO allows team members to schedule time away from work for vacation, personal health and well-being needs and unexpected life events. Whatever the reason, every team member can prioritize how they want to spend their time as they find their own balance between work and life.
  • Traditional benefits: Insuring your health, vision and teeth are all important, plus saving for retirement through a 401(k) are all part of the package you pick to meet the needs of you and those in your home.
  • Beyond the traditional: It’s not you, it’s us. Don’t be surprised if your team throws you a baby shower, plans a social hour for your birthday or signs your get well card. You have important life events and they’re better together. We share in your joys. And we share in your sorrows. We care; it’s part of who we are. It’s as simple as that.

For others: equipped to work toward a better way

We strive to make the world better, not just with the equipment we make, but in the important work our team, dealers and customers do. At its core, our equipment is feeding and fueling communities, managing natural resources and connecting people to the necessities of life. We are proud to use our talents and resources for good, whether it’s in designing equipment that makes a critical impact or helping our customers and communities grow. 


While our equipment is making a critical impact on the environment, our manufacturing processes are too. In a good way. We strive to be good stewards of the resources we have and how we use them – from time to money and everything in between. 

  • Vermeer equipment installs solar fields, recycles wood waste, builds networks to share energy and more. 
  • At Vermeer, all hazardous waste used in our manufacturing processes in Pella is either reprocessed to be used again or is burned and used as fuel. Yes, that’s 100%.
  • If we can reuse it, recycle it or reduce it, we do. Wood, steel, plastic, cardboard, paper, oil, solvent – you name it. This makes us one of the largest recycling manufacturers in the state of Iowa. 


People are our greatest assetwhether you’re a team member, a customer, someone we do business with, someone we compete against or simply a visitor. Every interaction – from the jobsite to the production floor – is focused on putting others first. 

  • Volunteer time off (VTO) is when we pay you to take time off to give back. Eight paid hours a year can be spent focused on a cause that matters to you, whether it’s building a home, packaging meals or whatever it is that drives you to give back. 
  • Our impact isn’t limited to local communities and causes. We work to impact industries and governments as well. With leadership positions in the National Association of Manufacturing, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and more, we take on the task of advocating for our industries and moving economic development forward.


Proud to be a family-owned and -operated company, Vermeer serves as a leading example of successful family business. Since 1948, Vermeer has built a strong foundation grounded in values and led by those in pursuit of progress and a heart for others. 

  • Leadership: Vermeer is led by a strong executive leadership team committed to making our 4P Philosophy a reality in day-to-day life. 
  • Board of Directors: With oversight from an outside board of directors, Vermeer is guided by successful experts from industries across the country. Combined with Vermeer family shareholders, this group brings together a balanced approach as we look toward future success while leaning on and protecting the foundation of who we are.
  • Vermeer family shareholders: At the helm of our organization is Jason Andringa, a third-generation family member. With more than 70 family shareholder members, we work hard to connect all family members to the business. An aligned family allows an organization to operate at its best. If you see a Vermeer family shareholder out on the floor – be sure to say hi! They’d love to hear from you.

Tools and resources for Vermeer team members

It’s important to drive a consistent, positive experience that reinforces our company culture through every interaction. Using these tools and resources reinforces a strong message to our team members who are Equipped to Do More.

*All tools and resources are available to team members through emailing


Photos and Videos

When representing the Vermeer brand in photos and videos include our team members whenever possible. While stock photos and videos have their place, we believe the true faces and environments of Vermeer represent our culture most appropriately.

You can access approved photos and videos by emailing includes the current brand anthem, brand pillar videos and the Our 4P Philosophy videos.

There are also a wide variety of videos available at our YouTube page.


When representing the Vermeer brand across all our communications and activities it’s important to maintain our visual identity system consistently internally and externally. You can access these templates by emailing

You can find approved templates below.

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Additional Assets

As we represent the Vermeer brand, these assets enable you to represent yourself and Vermeer confidently in various situations and to various people. You can access these additional assets by emailing

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