Brand applications

Our visual identity system serves our brand by providing a look and feel that is consistent across all our communications and activities. Its design enables higher recognition of our brand, which helps us build familiarity, trust and greater customer loyalty.

The refreshed visual identity seeks to communicate our purpose of Equipped to Do More.® Vermeer dealers, please refer to compliance requirements related to Vermeer visual elements on the dealer portal.

Color palette

Primary colors

There are three main corporate identity colors: Vermeer yellow, black and white. The Vermeer yellow should be used judiciously; serving as a “pop” of color that reinforces the color of our equipment.


CMYK: 0/0/0/0
RGB: 255/255/255


CMYK: 0/0/0/100
RGB: 30/30/30
HTML: 000000

Vermeer Yellow

CMYK: 0/24/94/0
RGB: 255/196/37

Secondary colors

The secondary palette should only be used as accent colors. Vermeer green should only be used as an accent color in limited applications.


CMYK: 0/0/0/26
RGB: 196/198/200


CMYK: 0/0/0/77
RGB: 95/96/98
HTML: 5F6062

Vermeer Green

CMYK: 90/0/95/58
RGB: 0/93/41
HTML: 005D29


Printed materials

Helvetica Neue Condensed has been selected as the only typeface to be used for professionally printed applications. The strong, clean and highly legible Helvetica Neue Condensed reinforces the Vermeer promise and compliments the roundness of the Kabel logotype.

This font family has many weights which can provide a great deal of variety and interest within body copy and headlines. Designers should feel free to explore using different weights within a headline for increased impact, but do not use more than two weights in a single message or four weights in a piece overall. Headlines should always be set in uppercase.


Due to licensing restrictions, a web-safe version of Helvetica Neue Condensed does not currently exist. Roboto Condensed, an open source font available through Google Fonts, is the primary font for display type on all Vermeer web properties. Instructions on how to use this font can be found at:

Internal or electronic documents

Helvetica Neue Condensed is not a standard system font; this means that even if you install it for use on your system, it will not display correctly if the user you are sharing your document with does not have it installed. When developing electronic sharable documents in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, use the secondary font Arial Narrow.

The Leading Edge graphic style

In the progression of our visual marketing evolution, we remind you that Vermeer is always on the leading edge. Utilizing clean shapes, sweeping lines and sharp typography, the Leading Edge is a visual system to drive uniformity and distinction across our markets.

The Leading Edge has subtle angles that reiterate the construction of our Vermeer V and create visual tension that draws the viewer in. The Vermeer logo is set on top of the Vermeer machine yellow, showcasing deliberate blending to represent the yellow iron that we proudly deliver. This graphic is commonly referred to as the Leading Edge bug.

Leading Edge templates

Vermeer provides a set of Leading Edge templates to help elevate our visual brand. Dealers can request access to these templates by emailing

The Leading Edge templates are fully customizable, but it’s important to maintain the overall integrity of the graphic style when working within the provided templates. Refer to the elements outlined in the advertisement below as a guide. Click the image to view full screen.

Leading Edge video templates

The following video branding elements are available to authorized video producers as Adobe Premiere Pro Essential Graphics Templates, distributed via Creative Cloud Libraries. Dealers can request access to templates by emailing The colors, animations and styles of the branding elements should not be changed from their templated form.

Vermeer apparel

We are a company that makes tough, quality equipment for customers who are rugged, driven to get things done and motivated to find success with their businesses. As we represent the Vermeer brand on apparel and promotional items, the tone should imply a company that is rugged, tough, direct and confident, while being respectful and honest.

Logo usage

Protection zones and minimum size requirements should be respected when using the Vermeer logo on apparel. Refer to the logo usage guidelines for additional details.

Trademark symbols

Trademark symbols are typically not included on apparel or promotional merchandise due to legibility being compromised when produced at such a small scale.


Primary apparel logo​

The flat standard Vermeer lockup logo should be the primary logo used on apparel. If using only the Vermeer V logo, the Vermeer Kabel needs to be included in a secondary location.

Embroidered logos

The preferred thread type and colors for embroidered Vermeer logos is Madeira 1250 green, black and white. In general, the minimum height for an embroidered Vermeer Kabel logo is 0.5 in (12.7 mm). The standard Vermeer lockup logo, specifically, should not be embroidered smaller than 2 in wide by 2 in high (5.1 cm by 5.1 cm).

Using one-color logos

When using a one-color logo, the swoosh in the Vermeer V should be the lighter color unless the logo is already on a light background color, in which the light background color will show through.

Tonal and non-standard logos

There are certain applications where using a one-color (black, green or white) Vermeer logo is not ideal. In these rare cases, using a tonal logo could be considered. For example, matching a strap color on a bag, matching the mesh on a cap or on a patterned shirt. For pre-approval of tonal logos, please contact

Co-branding and logo prominence

The Vermeer logo should be the prominent logo on all branded apparel and promotional merchandise. If there is a prominent clothing logo, e.g., Arborwear, Nike, Under Armour, etc., on the chest of a shirt, sweatshirt or jacket, the preferred location of a Vermeer logo would be on a sleeve. In this example, including the Vermeer logo on the opposite side of the chest is acceptable. It is preferred for the Vermeer logo to be full color on co-branded applications. Dealers should refer to the co-branding guidelines on the dealer portal for additional information.

Historical logos and other designs

The following three historic logos are approved to be used on apparel by Vermeer and its dealers in casual applications. All business apparel should feature only current Vermeer logos. Pre-approval from is required to use any other vintage Vermeer logo or design. Vintage logos are defined as any graphical look or logo not actively used by Vermeer Corporation. 

Colors and patterns

As a guideline, customer-facing employees should wear small patterns in black, white or grey branded apparel. Large patterns and other colors, such as blue, purple or yellow, should be reserved for casual, non-customer facing settings.

Things to watch or consider when putting the Vermeer logo on busy patterns is to make sure the text color is dark or light enough depending on the fabric so the logo can easily be read. Select a logo color that compliments the piece of apparel. For example, match the color of buttons, trim or stitching.

The Vermeer yellow color is difficult to match in apparel applications. When producing a t-shirt with yellow ink, use Pantone 1235-C to match.

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