Dealer branding

We are proud of the way our dealers live out our Vermeer brand promise every day. With more than 600 locations around the world, our dealers are often the first touch point a customer has with our brand. It’s important we all work together to drive a consistent, positive experience that reinforces our brand position through every interaction.

Follow the dealer branding guidelines to ensure your dealership represents the Vermeer brand in an appropriate manner. Vermeer dealers, please refer to the complete guidelines and compliance requirements related to dealer branding on the dealer portal.

Vermeer dealer logo family

With a growing global dealer network, using consistent Vermeer identification with dealer names and logos will strengthen brand recognition and impact in the market.

Vermeer dealers, please refer to the dealer portal for information about dealer naming. Dealers should use only approved, Vermeer-provided logo files that are available for download on the dealer portal. The logo guidelines below are for dealers that represent the full line of industrial products only.

Dealer anniversary logos

When a dealer celebrates an anniversary milestone, Vermeer will allow for a celebratory logo to be used in limited applications during the calendar year of the anniversary. Approved applications include letterhead, envelopes and promotional items. Vermeer recommends one of the lockups below as a standard anniversary lockup. If a dealer wishes to use an alternate lockup, please contact the Vermeer marketing team for approval.

Dealer logo guidelines

Refer to the Vermeer logo guidelines for information about when to use different versions of the dealer logo based on application and printing requirements.

Protection zone

When using any of the Vermeer dealer logos, always maintain the appropriate amount of clear space so they can sit uncluttered by other graphic elements. Protection zones must be respected in all applications and include elements such as: document copy, other logos and page edges.

The diagrams illustrate how to calculate the appropriate protection zone for each logo. The blue overlay elements illustrate how much clear space a logo requires. The gray box indicates the final protection zone for a particular logo.

Minimum size

The Vermeer dealer logo should never be so small that legibility is compromised. The standard dealer lockup should never be reproduced smaller than 1.5 in (3.8 cm) wide. Shown with the tagline, the minimum size should be no less than 2.8 in (7.1 cm) wide.

What not to do

Proper use of the Vermeer dealer logos is important to maintain a consistent brand image. Use the guidelines below as examples of what not do to when using the Vermeer dealer logo assets. 

Dealer boilerplate

Consider the following options when drafting boilerplate information about Vermeer dealerships.

Long form

Use this format when space is not a concern, such as on a website or dealer brochure.

[Dealer name] is proud to be an authorized dealer of Vermeer industrial equipment. Founded in [year founded], we are proud to serve customers doing important work throughout [list region]. You can find us at [number of locations] locations across the region, all with full-service support ready to meet your needs.

We know the importance of having the equipment, parts, service and support that stand up to the toughest jobs. Our team specializes in selling, leasing and servicing quality, industry-leading Vermeer equipment including [list product lines]. For more information, visit [dealer website].

Short form

Use this format when space is limited, such as a press release.

[Dealer name] is an authorized Vermeer equipment dealer providing equipment sales and support to customers in diverse markets throughout [list region]. Our product lines include [list product lines]. Our customers do important work. We are here to equip them and their operations with the tools and support they need.

Micro form

Use a more condensed version when space is significantly limited.

[Dealer name] delivers quality equipment and service for a powerful line of Vermeer [industry/industries] equipment. For more information, visit [dealer website].

Dealer facility branding

Vermeer dealer facilities should lead with promoting the Vermeer brand. Facility lots, showrooms and signage should be organized and well-maintained to give customers a positive impression when visiting one of our dealerships.

Facility brand guidelines will be posted soon. Vermeer dealers can find information related to showrooms, signage, vehicle decals and other facility-related items on the dealer portal.

Dealer digital properties

It is important for Vermeer and its dealers to accurately and consistently represent the Vermeer brand online across all digital platforms, including websites and social media channels. Digital brand guidelines will be posted soon. Vermeer dealers can find additional guidelines for digital properties on the dealer portal.

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