Brand language

Vermeer Corporation makes a real impact on the way important work gets done through the design, manufacture and support of industrial and agricultural equipment. Our story stems from our core brand promise of Real Impact on Productivity and Profit. It’s what drives and motivates us. It’s why we commit to the creed that:

“In every decision we make and through every interaction a customer has with Vermeer – from the factory, to the showroom, to the jobsite – we are committed to helping the people who use Vermeer products and services experience a Real Impact on their Productivity and Profit.”

For more information about Vermeer Corporation, visit Vermeer dealers, please refer to compliance requirements related to the Vermeer brand on the dealer portal.

Brand pillars

To fulfill our brand promise, we must be dedicated to delivering three key benefits (our brand pillars) to our customers. Simply put, our customers are looking to Vermeer to help them increase their productivity, remain confident in their equipment and business, and get their important work done. The following content can be used to guide your communications around defining productivity, confidence and important work.

Productivity advantage

Vermeer machines are made to equip our customers to do more across a diverse group of important markets. It starts with how we design them. Listening and collaborating with our customers drives the innovation of machines that are built to perform in a
better way. And it’s in how we build them. Our high-quality machines are built to deliver long-term value by reliably performing in tough working environments. This is how Vermeer equipment makes a real impact on the productivity of our customers.

Business confidence

The Vermeer name equips our customers with confidence. We strive to continuously support them – no matter where they are on the map – as they look to move their business forward. Every day we work to provide a positive, local experience that instills confidence in our customers, whether they are new to Vermeer or have relied on us for decades. Through our regional offices and hundreds of dealers worldwide, Vermeer is able to make a real impact on their business and those they serve.

Important work

Founded in a philosophy that emphasizes the Golden Rule, “We treat others the way we want to be treated.” Vermeer finds ways to better the lives of those who work for Vermeer and with Vermeer. With a 70+ year legacy of being family owned, our long-term vision focuses on building the people who build and depend on our equipment.

Brand tone

We are a company that makes tough, quality equipment for customers who are rugged, driven to get important work done and motivated to find success in their businesses. As we tell the Vermeer brand story and the qualities behind it, the tone of our communications is intended to portray a company that is rugged, tough, direct and confident, while being respectful and honest.

Corporate boilerplate

Long form

Use this format when space is not a concern, such as on a website.

Vermeer Corporation makes a real impact on the way important work gets done through the design, manufacture and support of industrial and agricultural equipment. With a focus on diverse markets including utility, pipeline, surface mining, tree care, landscape, rental, recycling, forestry and agriculture, Vermeer equipment carries a reputation for being built tough and built a better way.

Headquartered in Pella, Iowa, U.S.A., with affiliated companies and independent dealer locations around the world, Vermeer is committed to meeting customers’ needs with full service and support in more than 60 countries. This has been part of the culture at Vermeer for more than seven decades.

Find more information about Vermeer Corporation, product lines, the dealer network and financing options by visiting

Short form

Use this format when space is limited, such as a press release.

Vermeer Corporation delivers a real impact on the way important work gets done through the design, manufacture and support of high-quality industrial and agricultural equipment that helps connect people to the necessities of life, manage natural resources and feed and fuel communities. With a reputation for being built tough and built a better way, that equipment is backed by localized customer service and support provided by independent dealers around the world. To learn about Vermeer Corporation, products, the dealer network, financing options and careers, visit

Micro form

Use this format when space is significantly limited, such as an advertisement or small piece of literature (postcard, etc.), social media descriptions or other online content.

Vermeer Corporation delivers a real impact on the way important work gets done through the manufacture of high-quality industrial and agricultural equipment backed by localized service and support. For more information, visit

NOTE: Boilerplate copy should not be altered from the approved versions shown above except to change the order of the segments Vermeer serves. For example, in a forage communication, “agriculture” could become the first mention.

Vermeer trademarks

How to use Vermeer trademarks

To help distinguish trademarked words from mere words, the first letter of the first word is capitalized and the trademark symbol is used on the first listing.

  • The symbol ™ indicates that the trademark is in the application phase of the US Trademark Office filing or that the trademark is being used under common trademark laws.
  • The symbol ® indicates that the trademark has been registered with the US Trademark Office and/or other foreign countries.

These symbols provide notice to the public that the company using the mark considers it to be a trademark and no other company should use the mark for similar goods or services, without written permission of the owner. The respective symbol for a specific trademark must always appear at the first reference of the trademark in text, followed by the required noun. See the full list of Vermeer trademarks below. Subsequent trademark references do not need to include the symbol, but still require a simplified noun listed in the second column below.

Trademarks should never be plural or possessive. This can be confusing when using the word “Vermeer” – is it referring to the company or to a Vermeer-branded product? If referring to Vermeer Corporation, we do not use Vermeer as possessive – Vermeer’s headquarters is located in Pella, Iowa, or Vermeer’s BC1000XL brush chipper. These sentences could be reworded to,  “The Vermeer headquarters is located Pella, Iowa.” or “The Vermeer BC1000XL brush chipper.” 

Vermeer trademark list

First listing
Second listing
Accu-Bale® monitor
Accu-Bale monitor

Ace™ steep taper bit OR bit
Ace bit

Atlas Bore Planner® computer software
Atlas Bore Planner software

Atlas™ control system
Atlas Pro control system

Atlas Pro™ control system
Atlas Pro control system

AutoFeed II® control system
AutoFeed II system

AutoSweep® control system
AutoSweep system

AXIS® guided boring machine
AXIS machine

Bale Expert™ baler monitor
Bale Expert monitor

BoreAid® design tool
BoreAid design tool

BORESTORE® HDD tooling and accessories warehouse
BORESTORE warehouse

Catapult® CPX9000 bale processor
Catapult processor or CPX9000

Commander® track trencher
Commander trencher

Ecoldle™ engine control system
Ecoldle system

Equipped to Do More®
Equipped to Do More

Final Cut™ FPX9000 bale processor 
Final Cut processor or FPX9000

Firestick® drill rod
Firestick drill rod

Hay Doc® productivity advisor
Hay Doc productivity advisor

HDD Circuit® training program
HDD Circuit program

Inline® ramp
Inline ramp

Interragator® ground-penetrating radar system
Interragator gpr or system

Navigator® horizontal directional drill
Navigator HDD

Navigator™ HDD simulator
Navigator HDD simulator

Pow-R™ plates
Pow-R plates

Q3® cutter bar
Q3 cutter bar

Quick-Change™ shear ring
Quick-Change shear ring

Quick-Clip® blade retention system
Quick-Clip system

QuickFire® connection system 
QuickFire system OR connection

Rebel® baler, mower, rake, tedder 
Rebel baler, mower, rake, tedder

ROVER™ vacuum excavator
ROVER vacuum excavator

SmartSweep™ control system
SmartSweep system

TEC® computer-aided control system
TEC system

TEC 2000® computer-aided control system
TEC 2000 system

TEC 2000.2® computer-aided control system
TEC 2000.2 system

Terrain Leveler® surface excavation machine (SEM)
Terrain Leveler SEM

Tree Commander™ remote control
Tree Commander remote control

TrenchSense™ electronic control system
TrenchSense system

Vermeer® (we don’t normally use the registration here, as the Vermeer logo already has the ®)

Vermeer Confidence Plus® asset protection program
Vermeer Confidence Plus program

Vermeer® Net
Vermeer Net

Vermeer MV Solutions™
Vermeer MV Solutions

V-Rod® drill rod
V-Rod drill rod

Yellow Jacket™ cutter system
Yellow Jacket system

Including the trademark statement in published material

At the bottom on the final page of the material, add a statement recognizing the trademarks in that particular piece of material. There will be times where including this statement is not practical, such as very large posters, advertisements, flyers or small mailers.

An example of a trademark statement to be included is: Vermeer, the Vermeer logo and Navigator are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Disclaimer and copyright language

Vermeer disclaimers

Collateral created by Vermeer and its distribution partners should include disclaimer language to help readers understand the materials they reviewed and to notify them that Vermeer reserves certain rights and specifically disclaims certain obligations or representations. Examples include:

  • Select footage acquired using an unattended camera and/or a telephoto lens.
  • Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.
  • Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components specific to their global region. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information.
  • This article contains third-party observations, advice or experiences that do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Vermeer Corporation, its affiliates or its dealers.
  • Testimonials and/or endorsements by customers in specific circumstances may not be representative of normal circumstances experienced by all customers.

In some circumstances, disclaimers are required by law as a means to clarify content and prevent readers from being misled. This includes testimonial collateral, where regulations can require disclosures of customer relationships, customer incentives and results a customer might typically expect from a product. Consult the Vermeer marketing department if wish to publish a customer testimonial.

Vermeer copyright language

When publishing a Vermeer or subsidiary document, a statement including the copyright symbol © should be used to place the public on notice that the company listed directly behind the copyright symbol is protecting the material under copyright laws. There will be times, however, where including this statement is not practicable, such as digital posts or small advertisements.

Copyrights must include the copyright symbol or word copyright, followed by the year(s) of publication, the name of the owner/company and the words: All Rights Reserved.

  • Vermeer format: © [Year of first publication] [Name of Owner]. All Rights Reserved.
  • Multiple year formats: When content of the material is revised and some original content exists in the revised/edited new version, a multiple year copyright may be used with the date of the original copyright through the date of the new publication.
  • Examples:
    • © 2019 Vermeer Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    • © 2013-2019 Vermeer Heartland Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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