Co-branding guidelines are intended to help our dealers, partners and other parties understand how to properly present the Vermeer brand alongside their brand in various applications.

If there are specific questions about co-branding not answered here, please contact us. Vermeer dealers, please refer to the complete guidelines and compliance requirements related to co-branding on the dealer portal.

Co-branding with the Leading Edge

Within the Leading Edge templates provided by Vermeer, there are specific instructions for how to include co-branding elements in the various print and digital applications. Dealers can request access to these templates by emailing

The Leading Edge templates are fully customizable, but it’s important to maintain the overall integrity of the graphic style when working within the provided templates. Refer to the elements outlined in the advertisement below as a guide. Click the image to view full screen.

Co-branded logo layouts

When co-branding with the Vermeer logo outside of the Leading Edge templates, follow the guidelines below for spatial and size requirements. Refer to the Vermeer logo usage guidelines to ensure you use the correct logo color and variation for the intended application. It is preferred to show the co-brand logo in its one-color, black or white version. However the co-brand logo can be shown in color so long as the Vermeer logo is also shown in its color format. 

Horizontal layout

For horizontal layouts, logos should be separated by half the width of the Vermeer V with a divider line between. The Vermeer or Vermeer dealer logo should always appear on the right-hand side. 

Vertical layout

For vertical layouts, logos should be separated by two times the height of either the Vermeer Kabel or Vermeer dealer name with a dividing line. The Vermeer or Vermeer dealer logo should always appear on top.

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